RKD Systems OmegaPrep II

The OmegaPrep was designed to perform in package die thinning and polishing in addition to a  number of machining functions for sample preparation. The die thinned and polished by the OmegaPrep are compatible with all backside procedures such as IR emission microscopy and FIB edit.  OmegaPrep can also perform mechanical decapsulation, removal of heat spreaders and heat sinks, and can easily remove  plastic packaging and die attach pad to expose the die. Additional capabilities have been included that provide processes for die de-layering &/or de-processing; substrate or PCB delayering; fixture machining; selected area thinning to 1µm remaining silicon, and more.

OmegaPrep is a specially designed, CNC machining system controlled by a graphic user interface that allows for the operator to select the desired functions and enter the key device measurements and process parameters. There is no need to know anything about machining or “G Code” to operate the OmegaPrep. There are no knobs to adjust, or cranks to turn. ‘Speeds and Feeds’ are  pre-set for each process to  optimize processing  results.

Automatic tool touch-down detection, video alignment and special profiling functions make set-device set up simple and easy. The surface profiling function eliminates the need for die levelling and maintains a constant resulting thickness for both die thinning and consistent layer removal during  delayering processes.

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