RKD Systems 2200 Sample Mount Plate II

RKD Model 2200 MountPlate II allows for fast and accurate sample mounting. It accepts RKD Systems standard part holding fixtures and can be operated under a microscope for accurate part alignment.

The RKD Systems Model 2200 Mount-Plate II is a specially designed hot plate used for wax mounting of integrated circuit packages in preparation for back side thinning and polishing or mechanical decapsulation. The unit heats the sample holding fixture up at a controlled rate to prevent thermal damage or the establishment of thermal induced mechanical stress in the sample being mounted. When the programmed temperature is reached, the operator is prompted to mount and align the sample. When this is done, the Mount-Plate will cool the sample and holding fixture at a controlled rate setting the mounting wax. When the sample is cooled to the resting temperature, the operator is prompted to remove the mounted device and holder.

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