For semiconductor R&D and advanced materials imaging

Powerful optical Nanoscope with super-resolution capability and ease of use for anyone familiar with conventional white-light microscopy.

  • LIG NANOWISE patented lenses allow the NANORO M to image beyond the diffraction limit whilst maintaining colour information. Dry and Immersion objective lenses available.
  • Rapid sample scanning using LIG NANOWISE software suite and nanometric stage allows you to rapidly image large areas of a sample significantly faster than standard light microscopes and at multiple resolutions.
  • The NANORO M supports a range of objective lenses, from low resolution (10x) to super resolution (SMAL). Using optional SMAL objectives, the NANORO M can resolve lateral features below 100 nm depending on the sample, without the need for prohibitive environmental conditions. The Nanoro M can be placed on a standard optical table requiring no clean room, vacuum, etc.
  • Unlike conventional super-resolution techniques, the NANORO M is None-Destructive allowing the user to image samples multiple times without compromising its integrity.
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