UK Semiconductors Conference 2023 12-13 March 2023

  Join us at UK Semiconductors 2023 Conference 12-13 July 2023 Sheffield Hallam University City campus, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB, UK UK Semiconductors 2023 conference This year’s conference includes, - Briefing on the UK National Semiconductor Strategy and meeting for the Materials for Quantum [...]

Pelco Scribe, Indent and Cleaving products

  Mercia Semiconductor is pleased to announce the Pelco Range of Scribe, Indent & Cleaving products from our new partner Ted Pella Incorporated! Following the acquisition of LatticeGear by Ted Pella Incorporated, Mercia Semiconductor is happy to announce the continued representation of the Pelco range [...]

WJA Electron

Services for electron beam & focused ion beam equipment, plus specialist services for electron sources! WJA electron provides services for electron beam and focused ion beam equipment, as well as specialist services for electron sources. Further details coming soon!   Please contact us for further details [...]

New – RKD Systems ‘2400 Continuous Flow System’

Adding the new '2400 Continuous Flow System' to UltraPrep or OmegaPrep provides increased material removal rates, increased film lifetime, and reduced force on the die during die thinning processes that utilize lapping films. The 'RKD Systems 2400 Continuous Flow System' is a small, compact, low-cost option [...]

Micromanipulator NEW VERSA Double Sided Probe Test Station

Micromanipulator Releases the world's first true system-level Flip Chip & Double Sided probe system with above and below ambient temperature capabilities. The patented Micromanipulator VERSA Double Sided Probe station can probe from both above and below the test device and has been specifically designed to change [...]


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