Using simple mechanics, the small sample cleaver (SSC) uses a novel sample holder and a cleaving platform to safely cleave samples into chips as small as 2×2 mm. The novel sample holder allows samples from 4-10 mm to be held during indenting and cleaving. No more handling samples directly with fingers. Gloved hands are ok, the holder has no screws, springs or pins.


  • Addresses the need to cleave small samples without loss of material or damage
  • Accurate and repeatable cleaving of small samples without excessive handling
  • Can be operated securely with gloved hands
  • Flexible sample handling. Hold-downs accepts samples of various widths (3-15 mm) and thickness (200-900 µm)
  • Easy to use


  • The small sample cleaver (SSC) base comes with 4 magnetic hold-downs for samples from 200-900 µm thick
  • Use the sample hold-downs to securely transfer the sample to the LatticeAx for indent, then back to the SSC for cleaving
  • Two cleaving pins for cleaving a variety of sample types
  • Gauge sets the sample for an 0.5 mm indent versus the standard 1 mm indent on the LatticeAx
  • A storage case secures all components.