MIP 4761 PlasmaEtch

  • The PlasmaEtch decapsulation system is a patented gas-based semiconductor device etching system. It utilizes microwave-induced plasma (MIP) to create chemical radicals for isotropic etching.
  • The PlasmaEtch features a versatile gas selection between four gas types, all controlled precisely by the highest quality components, including precision mass flow controllers (MFC).
  • Its MFCs allow for greater variety of options for etch parameters to provide the best etching results at different stages of the etch decap process.
  • For the beginning stages of etching an encapsulated integrated circuit, which is typically the removal of epoxy and silica, it is best to use Oxygen (O2) mixed with other gases.
  • Please see below for features and specifications
  • Chamber and Device Temperature: The temperature is well below the temperature range where damage can occur to the device.
  • Dynamic Software: Multi-step recipes allow for pre-programming for a specific device requiring different etch parameters to optimize etching for different stages of decapsulation.
  • Multi-IC Device Decapsulation Capability: The Stage has a 50mm cavity, allowing the etching of multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Low Operating Costs: Compared to acid etching and other plasma-based decapsulation systems, the cost to operate the PlasmaEtch MIP system is relatively inexpensive. As the PlasmaEtch operates under vacuum, its processes require very low gas consumption. Each etch uses a minimal amount of each gas — for example: 50 sccm or less of O2. The PlasmaEtch also requires minimal maintenance and servicing to continue performing smoothly and effectively
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