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JetEtch TotalPROTECT

The JetEtch Pro TotalPROTECT is the latest in a series of innovative solutions for the failure analysis industry from Nisene Technology Group.

The JetEtch TotalPROTECT is the world’s most advanced decapsulation system. With an unequalled feature set, the JetEtch TotalPROTECT can etch the widest variety of integrated circuits of any system on the market, while maintaining the integrity of sensitive internal components. Its operation is similar to that of Nisene’s other industry-leading JetEtch products. It retains the intuitive user interface, premier etching capabilities, and robust safety features you’ve come to expect from Nisene Technology Group equipment.

In addition, the JetEtch Pro TotalPROTECT incorporates the patented bias voltage application process capability of the JetEtch CuPROTECT. It also has a special cooling feature that allows sub-ambient cooling of the etching acid. When combined with the bias voltage application process, the JetEtch TotalPROTECT offers the end user a tremendous range of etching parameters for virtually endless recipe combinations – making it the total package for total protection of sensitive components.

Proprietary Cu Decapsulation Process

  • Etches the widest variety of integrated circuits of any system on the market.
  • Maintains the integrity of sensitive components.
  • Incorporates patented bias voltage application process.
  • Allows sub-ambient cooling of the etching acid through special cooling feature.
  • Offers tremendous range of etching parameters for virtually limitless recipe combinations.

Innovative Features of JetEtch Pro

  • Industry-leading safety features
  • Faster etch processing times
  • Flexible etch head designs
  • Superior pump longevity
  • The most effective software in the industry
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Comprehensive capabilities for Single and mixed-acid etchants.

  • JetEtch unique software and hardware enable a user to program a wide variety of etch parameters using any combination of ratios from 1:0 to 1:6, in both nitric-to-sulfuric and sulfuric-to-nitric concentrations. Temperature is regulated to prevent any mixed-acid etchant from exceeding 100ºC, to ensure that the nitric acid will not steam or boil.
  • Front digital indicator to display real-time material removal (sample advancement), 1 µm resolution.

Faster Etch Processing Times

  • Large inner-diameter tubing increases acid flow, for faster etches.
  • New pump design offers a greater range of flow rates.

Flexible Etch Head Designs

  • Fixed Etch Head — Made of silicon carbide, our unique Etch Head assembly ensures faster etch times, greater resistance to acids, and less maintenance.
  • Removable Etch Head Configuration — We offer an optional, removable Etch Head configuration that enables the use of several different inserts, ensuring that even the most challenging packages can be opened.

Leading the Industry in Safety

  • Unique Waste Diversion System. Waste acid is disposed into separate bottles via a unique diversion system that minimizes user interaction with acids.
  • Robust Cover Arm Assembly — The automatic, pneumatically controlled cover assembly ensures that the process chamber remains hermetically sealed for the entire etch cycle. This is far superior to less sophisticated, manually operated lid covers, which can be opened at any time during the etch process, exposing the user to dangerous hot etchant.

The Most Effective Software on the Market

  • The JetEtch Pro can permanently store up to 100 etch programs for fast recall.
  • The software is also able to mix up to 13 different acid ratios, with no direct operator contact.
  • Combined with a choice of nitric or sulfuric acid post-decapsulation rinse, etch intervals in one-second increments from 1 second to 1800 seconds, and a temperature range from 20º C to 250º C — the number of decapsulation programs available is in the millions.

Superior Pump Longevity

  • Patented micrometering pump is the gold standard in acid delivery and longevity. It is backed by an extended pump warranty a five-year, no-questions-asked guarantee.
Features and Specifications subject to change without notice

Dimensions Etcher unit (mm/in) 290 h x 290 w x 419 d / 11.5 h x 11.5 w x 16.5 d
Bottle container, each unit (mm/in) 230 h x 110 w x 110 d / 9 h x 4.25 w x 4.25 d
Weight (kg/lbs) 17 / 38 (excluding bottle container and accessories)
Power 350 W @ 95 – 130 VAC or 350 W @ 210 – 250 VAC
CDA / N2 Requirements CDA 4.2 kg/cm2 / 60 –100 psi
Nitrogen supply 2.8 lpm / 0.1 cfm
Etchants Available Etchant volume 1.0 to 10.0 mL/min (software selectable)
Fuming nitric acid
Fuming sulfuric acid
Sulfuric acid (concentrated reagent grade)
Nitric : sulfuric acid mix 6:1, 5:1, 4:1, 3:1
Sulfuric : nitric acid mix 6:1, 5:1, 4:1, 3:1
Temperature Ranges Nitric acid (°C) 10 – 90
Sulfuric acid (°C) 10 – 250
Mixed acids (°C) 10 – 100
(mixed etchant range automatically calibrated to ratio selected)
Etching Time & Modality 1 – 1800 seconds in 1.0-second increments (user selectable)
Pulse Etch mode, Vortex Etch mode (user selectable)
Bias selection: 0.0 – 20 V in 0.1-V increments
Program capacity: 100, user-defined, in nonvolatile memory
Heat-up Time 0 – 120 seconds in 1.0-second increments (user selectable)
Rinse Options Nitric acid, sulfuric acid, no rinse
Reservoirs 500-mL or 1-litre bottles – 33/38/40/45-mm cap sizes – 4 bottles standard: 2 acid, 2 waste
Certifications CE certification, SEMI S-2-93, SEMI S-2-2000
Accessories All JetEtch Pro systems are supplied with a standard basic Accessory Kit.
A wide range of Accessory Kits and custom designed Monolithic Gaskets is available.
(contact Nisene for details).
DIP/SIP Kit 0300601
QFP Kit 0300604
QFN/MLP Kit 0300609
PLCC Kit 0300602
PBGA Kit 0300605
SOIC Kit 0300603
Die-down BGA Kit 0300606
Universal Accessory Kit 0300612
Warranties 12-month warranty includes all parts and labor.
Excludes consumable items.
5-year warranty for micrometering pump assembly.
Installation Installation in chemical fume hood required. 0.5 meters/sec – minimum flow rate (100 surface ft/min)

Etch Modes

Vortex Etch
Vortex Etch produces an etch cavity with extremely straight sidewalls when used with lower-temperature nitric or mixed-acid ratios. The straight sidewalls result from the bidirectional acid flow combined with the abrasive action of non-soluble encapsulant filler that is released from the plastic polymer as the encapsulation is dissolved. Vortex Etch is the preferred method for the precise opening of small cavities when using either nitric or concentrated sulfuric acid.

Pulse Etch
Pulse Etch generally uses greater acid flow rates than Vortex Etch. The result is an etch cavity with a more curved sidewall. Typically, Pulse Etch is ideal for opening large cavities. This is often the preferred method for exposing second bonds when etching ICs that do not have chip-scale configuration.

++JetEtch Pro Minimal Etchant Use
The JetEtch Pro is designed to minimize acid use. Acid volume is software selectable from 1–10 mL/minute. Our efficient design means that whether using Vortex or Pulse Etch mode, opening any package never requires etchant flow rates greater than 1–10 mL/minute.

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