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VERSA Double Sided Probe Station

The first true system-level Flip Chip & Double Sided probe system with above and below ambient temperature capabilities.

“The patented Micromanipulator VERSA system combines a compatible probe station that has been specifically designed to consider wafer-level probe capability to the test board level and assist with post-tape-out product testing, wafer-level testing, and now double-sided probing needs”.

The VERSA enables you to probe decapsulated IC’s mounted onto test boards at above and below ambient temperatures without limiting your board’s ability to exercise your chip and without limiting the probing capability employed at the wafer level. Using the VERSA, you can trace and analyze issues that manifest only in the actual end application environment faster, easier, and with less headache than previously possible.

  • Double-sided probing and imaging
  • Probe decapsulated IC’s, wafers, and large boards up to 26″ square, all at temperature.
  • -40C to 125C configurable
  • Integrated vibration isolation platform
  • Magnetic field options
  • Patented
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The worlds first true system level Flip Chip & Double Sided probe system with above and below ambient temperature capabilities.

With the VERSA, you can probe:

  • Application boards measuring up to 26″ square in ambient mode, and up to 18″ in temperature mode.
  • Wafers up to 450mm.
  • Wafer pieces and oddly shaped/sized test samples.
  • Temperature range supported: frost free -40C to 125C.
  • Flip Chip/Dual Sided Probing and imaging

VERSA Double sided Probe Station includes:

Features and Specifications subject to change without notice

System <200mm, 200mm, 300mm, System Level/Packaged Part
System Capability Hot/Cold, Microprobing
System Control Manual
System Value Considerations Custom Configured Systems, Research
Dimensions Assembled Dimensions: TBC
Assembled Weight: TBC
Microscope & Optics Microscope gantry allows you to move across the entire 26” x 26” testing area.
Supports all optical microscopes. Add a second tool with the large gantry for even more testing options.
Stage Area Ambient 26” x 26” testing area.
200mm – 300mm chuck standard.
10”x10” – 18’x18” thermal chamber standard.
Enough space to set up several devices simultaneously.
VERSA allows us to make the right staging area for you.
Customizing Options Thermal Chambers, Thermal Chucks, Laser Ready, Electro-magnet capable, VERSA ambient with 300mm wafer, VERSA ambient with board holder, VERSA with 18”x18” thermal chamber, Fine positioning stages, Double side probing/viewing, RF & DC Positioners, Wafer chuck & board holders

Features and Specifications subject to change without notice

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