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P300J Motorized Manual Probe Station

The Micromanipulator P300J is a manual station for probing up to 300mm, designed for low current, sub-micron positioning applications. It has motorized controls that can be used in a wide temperature range.

“This is the most stable, intuitive, and space-efficient manual 300mm analytical probe station available today, and the platform of choice for companies who need to probe whole 300mm wafers, but don’t require a semiautomatic probe station for large volume tests.”

The P300J offers:

  • 300mm manual wafer prober
  • A single-point ground
  • Integrated thermal chuck plumbing
  • Motorized joystick controls
  • Exclusive MicroTouch motorized controls
  • Magnetic stainless-steel platen
  • Joystick control
  • Configurability for DC (direct current), RF (radio frequency), microwave, and high-power applications
  • Configurability for three temperature ranges: ambient temperature to 300C, 0C to 300C, and -55C to 300C.
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P300J has joystick and MicroTouchTM controls to intuitively operate the station stage, platen (Z) and theta as well as the microscope X-Y and Z drives. The P300J’s large magnetic stainless steel platen has plenty of room for multiple manipulators and/or a probe card.

The motorised controls are placed conveniently at the front of the station and give a dynamic speed range, allowing both long distance moves and precise positioning.

The P300J includes an adjustable microscope lift delay which prevents driving the probes into the microscope objective, a feature that Micromanipulator pioneered, and which is a hallmark of its professional probing systems.

The system is backward compatible with accessories (such as manipulators, probe holders, probe card holders) from our industry-standard 4000 and 8000 series (200mm) stations.

The station can be configured for thermal applications with local dry/shielded/dark environment, including Micromanipulator’s “Top Hat” for low level, frost free below ambient testing.  Three temperature ranges are supported:

  • Ambient (room temperature) to 300C
  • 0C to 300C
  • -55C to 300C

Features and Specifications subject to change without notice

System 300mm
System Capability Hot/Cold, Microprobing, Probe Card Compatible
System Control Motorized
System Value Considerations Custom Configured Systems
Facility Requirements Test station: Vacuum: 25 in-Hg
RMC-7 controller: 85 to 265 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 2.4 Amps, typical
Test Station Dimensions (Width, Depth, Height, Weight) Station: 33” x 40” x 33” (84 x 102 x 84 cm), 480 lbs (218-Kg)
RMC-7: 17.8” x 19.7” x 5.5” (45.2 x 50x 13.9cm) 24 lbs (11-Kg)
Microscope 100 x 100mm (X-Y), x 200mm (Z) drive range
Supports large die and multi-site probe cards
Full range of accessories and options available including: Probe card holders, Light Tight Enclosures, Thermal Chucks,
Video accessories, Manual/Motorized manipulators.

Features and Specifications subject to change without notice

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