8060 Manual Probe Station

The Micromanipulator 8060 is a manual probe station for samples up to 8” designed for ease of use in demanding applications such as very low current and voltage probing, high and low-temperature probing, and sub-micron target probing to the limits of visible optics.

“The Micromanipulator 8060 offers the highest performance available in a 6’ – 8” (150mm – 200mm) manual analytical probe station. Its high-efficiency features and consistent, accurate electrical and mechanical performance make it the manual probe station of choice for demanding analytical test professionals around the world.”

The 8060 offers:

  • The highest performance manual 150mm-200mm wafer prober
  • Sub-micron positioning and true single point ground
  • One-handed platen and microscope quick lift
  • Configurability for DC (direct current), RF (radio frequency), microwave, and high power applications
  • Configurability for three temperature ranges: ambient temperature to 400°C, 0°C to 400°C, and -65°C to 400°
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