4060 Manual Probe Station

The Micromanipulator 4060 probe station is a high-efficiency general-purpose manual analytical probe station designed for ease of use in everyday failure analysis, device characterization, and reliability testing applications.

“The 4060 station combines the value of efficient use with the confidence of consistent, accurate electrical and mechanical performance. It is the most efficient, stable, and reliable 150 / 200mm general-purpose probe station in the industry. Its high-efficiency features and rugged reliability combine to make it a truly cost-effective answer for a general-purpose analytical probe station.”

The 4060 offers:

  • Efficient manual 150mm – 200mm wafer prober
  • One-handed platen lift for efficient sample changes
  • Microscope lift and lock
  • Configurability for DC (direct current), RF (radio frequency), microwave, and high power applications
  • Configurability for three temperature ranges: ambient temperature to 400°C, 0°C to 400°C, and -65°C to 400°C.
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