Laser Etch LE1064

The Next Generation Laser System for Decapping IC packages.

  • Solution for Silver Bond Wires.
  • Etches a Wide Variety of Package Types
  • Wet Chemical-free Decap Eco-friendly
  • Touchscreen Interface
  • PC/Windows 10-based GUI

Laser decapsulation is a highly precise and effective method of removing plastic encapsulant material from a device.

Using a 20W 1064nm laser, the encapsulant material is vaporized, eliminating the risk of accidentally destroying or washing away a defect with decapsulation chemicals.

This method is particularly useful for small or oddly-shaped devices that would be challenging to expose chemically. Additionally, laser decapsulation reduces the need for chemical consumables.

The advanced in-line camera with laser technology enables simultaneous viewing and etching of devices. With a large optical zoom of 18x, the camera can view devices ranging from 1mm to 100mm in size.

Experience precision and efficiency with cutting-edge technology.

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